Dear Guitar Player,

Do you finger tap on guitar? I really hope you do.

Were you
shocked when you first heard incredible guitar solos? Ever been jealous of another guitar
players technique, speed, or ability?
Like you, I totally know the feeling!

Back in the 80's, I remember saving up for my first electric guitar...didn't spend my allowance on
video games. At 9 years old, I was on my way to
ruling the neck like an emperor rules his people.

The problem was that books did not help me, and private guitar lessons were too costly at the time. I
practiced hours a day, and then moved on to study with some of the top guitar teachers in the
country. It was truly inspirational and a great learning experience.

Developing your technique and style can be difficult, so I am here to help you every step of
the way! Think of me as your online guitar buddy...feel free to email, call, or even text me your guitar
playing questions. Let's share our passion for guitar together and make you the guitar player you
deserve to become.

From months of hard work and research, I've put together the
most complete system on finger
tapping to hit the internet
. You will NOT find this one-of-a-kind system anywhere else.

Musically yours,
Eric Slone
Finger tapping is by far the coolest technique on the guitar. The problem is
that tons of guitar players DO NOT use proper technique, are limited in their
tapping ability, and lack creativity.

I've seen hundreds of guitar players over the years -- at guitar stores,
concerts, rehearsal studios, lessons, and so on. Many of these players try to
do finger tapping like a pro, but fail. I've seen many players who are also
STUCK playing the same tapping licks over and over.

Pretty frustrating, right? You bet, my friend.

Now is the perfect time to stop trying how to master finger tapping
by yourself. Let me help you.
As guitar players, we all know the significance of being able to pull off (no
pun intended!) killer guitar licks and solos. Know that feeling you get one
someone asks you to play some smokin' licks? How about when you need to
write a solo for your song, or the band?

Put the pressure, frustration, and "stock licks" to and end.

Put an END to those same old licks & solos.
The Ultimate
Finger Tapping
The RIGHT WAY to approach finger tapping (your foundation is ESSENTIAL)!
Finger tapping exercises designed to blast your playing speed!
How to build killer arpeggios using finger tapping!
Tapping while bending tricks with and without the pick.
The best ways to integrate finger tapping into other licks.
5 "MUST KNOW" secrets every lead guitar player must know...
Tricks on performing blazing fast tremolo tapping!
Playing finger tapping scales - and which ones are the coolest!
Tips for building a solo using finger tapping and other techniques.
8 finger tapping technique - this is totally insane!
Ways to make your tapping sound like a VIDEO GAME!
The coolest tapping licks you deserve to know.
Accelerate your finger tapping technique and learn how to play
lead like a pro. Our
unique video series give you the tools you
need to start shredding!
Audio versions from all of the videos! An awesome
praciticing tool!
Take the lessons with you on the
go...listen in your car, mp3 player, at the beach, or
anywhere else!

Make learning easier with the ebook guide! This guide
features many of the playing examples from the video series.
Includes TABS too!
One-of-a-kind online guitar system
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Saves you time, energy & frustration
All in one & easy to follow system
Unlocks many tapping secrets
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What is there was a different, unique guitar system online that is crafted to
develop your playing technique? A system that teaches you the many aspects
of finger tapping, and how to apply it to your overall playing? Having a system
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while hanging out at the beach.

Or how about impressing your
girlfriend, friends, or other musicians?

Imagine learning from this system through videos, audios, and written lessons
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Well my friend, you ARE in the right place at the right time!
What's Waiting for You Inside...
Video Lessons
eBook Guide
Audio Play-Alongs
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Practice with a variety of jam tracks featuring
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Top Quality Jam Tracks
Unlimited Guitar Teacher Support
43 Videos
48 Pages
-Finger tapping warm-ups

-Finger tapping exercises

-Finger tapping arpeggios

-Eight finger tapping

-Finger tapping scales

-Cool finger tapping tricks

-Tapping while bending

-Tapping with the pick
-Tremolo tapping

-Tapping with sliding tricks

-Two-handed tapping

-Rock tapping licks

-Metal tapping licks

-Neo-classical tapping licks

-How to play tapped harmonics

-and much more!
43 Audios
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The Ultimate
Finger Tapping
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